Colombia: Press Center - Elections 2015 and Plebiscite 2016 (Peace agreements)


Put into operation a National Press Center in Bogotá within the project designed by Indra for the diffusion of the electoral results, to inform the media (accredited by the National Registry) of the results for the different types of elections held on 25 October 2015, making available to the media different infrastructures, space, technology and data, to inform Colombian society and the international community of the developments throughout the process.


A design is created for the more than 2,500 square meter area provided in the Bogota Fair Center pavilion , Corferias, allocating the area as needed to accommodate the written media, radio and television stations and covering their needs for the event. 

Supervise and direct the temporary construction and installation of the stands, and the provision of the audiovisual equipment and technical infrastructure. 

Control and organize all the operations particularly the Center on Election Day and it’s functions, as well as technical support to the media that needed an audio and/or video feed.