Vídeo Tecniseco


Tecniseco is an enterprise dedicated to the design and manufacture of professional and industrial equipment for humidification and dehumidification for various applications and areas of the market.

 The objective of the project was to obtain an audiovisual communication tool to be used in the promotion of the enterprise for marketing, communication and sales.

 So as to transmit the scope of applications of it's products, activities and services and the foremost examples.


The project consisted in the production of a video based on the creation of descriptive pieces of different applications of the different products manufactured. These pieces were created using motion graphics techniques with a flat animation design that gives a fresh and modern image.

 It has been complemented with real time images taken at the production facilities to represent the main activities of the company as in the design and manufacturing. Audio-visual resources, such as drones, have been used, which flew inside the facilities so as to obtain shots from points of the manufacturing platform that other means do not cover easily nor at similar costs. Photographic archival images have also been used.
 The result obtained is a dynamic and easy to understand communication tool that meets the objectives with a clear and direct language, and illustrations that contextualize the messages, suitably to the target groups in actions such as events, stands, communication actions, marketing and sales.

All graphic production and locution has been produced in English and Spanish.